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Green Star Instructional Guides
Silver Star Instructional Guides
Red Star Instructional Guides
Gold Star Instructional Guides
CHAPTER 1 - POX01: Participate In Citizenship Activities
CHAPTER 2 - POX02: Perform Community Service
CHAPTER 3 - PO303: Act as a Team Leader
CHAPTER 4 - POX04: Track Participation in Physical Activities
CHAPTER 5 - POX05: Participate in Physical Activities
CHAPTER 6 - PO306: Fire the Air Rifle during Recreational Marksmanship
CHAPTER 7 - PO307: Serve in an Army Cadet Corps
CHAPTER 8 - PO308: Command a Platoon on a Parade
CHAPTER 9 - PO309: Instruct a Lesson
CHAPTER 11 - POX20: Participate in CAF Familiarization
CHAPTER 13 - PO322: Follow a Multi-Leg Route using a GPS
CHAPTER 14 - PO324: Employ Natural Resources in a Survival Situation
CHAPTER 15 - PO325: Develop an Expedition Plan
CHAPTER 16 - PO326: Perform Expedition Skills


Green Star Qualification Standard Plan
Red Star Qualification Standard Plan
Silver Star Qualification Standard Plan
CHAPTER 1 - General
CHAPTER 2 - Training Management Details
CHAPTER 3 - Cadet Evaluation
CHAPTER 4 - Performance Objectives
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