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*Always seeking adult volunteers for these events*

Our Spring Tag Days are coming up on April 6-8.  As always, this fundraising event is critical to ensuring the funding required for Corps activities is available.  At our Tag Days in the fall we raised in excess of $3,000 - let's all work together and see if we can beat the corps record and raise in excess of $5,000 this time! 

  • All cadets are required to sign up for three shifts or more (12 Hours or more)

  • This is Mandatory for all Cadets 

  • All cadets will arrive at the Armoury at the scheduled start time of their shift. (Friday meet at Nathan Phillips Square)

  • Tagging locations will be assigned at the start of the shift and all cadets will be returned to the Armoury at the end of their scheduled shift.

  • Dress: Cadets who have been issued a uniform should arrive for their shift wearing their C1 uniform; cadets who have not been issued a uniform should arrive in the black pants and white dress shirt worn on training nights. 

  • Due to Cadet safety and scheduling issues please only sign up for shifts where you can attend the entire time.

  • The available shifts for tag days are:

1. Friday April 6, 1600h - 2000h (4:00pm-8:00pm) 4 Hour;

2. Saturday April 7 , 0800h - 1200h (8:00am-12:00pm) 4 Hours;

3. Saturday April 7, 1200h - 1600h (12:00pm-4:00pm) 4 Hours;

4. Sunday April 8, 1000h - 1400h (10:00am-2:00pm ) 4 Hours


  • For Convenience Purposes, we are hosting a sleepover on Friday April 6 as long as 10 cadets are present.

Friday April 6- Sleepover

Only for those cadets participating during Sat Tag Day

If you have your own sleeping bag & pillow, please bring OR we can provide

Dinner & Breakfast provided only to those cadets that sleepover











$10 incentive on Saturday April 7th towards your lunch if you complete a double shift on Saturday only!



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