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Master Cadet

PO 513 Workshop

In the Fall of each Training Year, the Cadet Corps is given a limited amount of spots for Master Cadet Star Levels to attend this workshop
Congratulations to the following Master Cadets who have been selected to attend:
  • WO Anning
  • WO Drew
Stand-by List:
  • WO Fodor
  • WO Wong
Date: November 17 & 18, 2018
Start time: 8:00am (See JI for specific timings for each day)
Location: Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto East, 2035 Kennedy Rd, Toronto
Dress: Full Dress (with ribbons if applicable) C-2
Transportation: not provided (arrive by own means via car, ttc)
Meals: Lunch will be provided daily. Bring a water bottle or money to buy drinks throughout the day
Equipment: Be prepared with a notebook/binder, writing utensils (pens and pencils), Master Cadet log book, and a water bottle.
DON'T FORGET your health card!
*Note: you are not staying overnight, so there is no need to pack an overnight bag. You will be dismissed around 4:30pm at the end of each day and are expected to return the next day at 8:00am*
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