Marksmanship Team

The 48th Highlanders Cadet Marksmanship Program is held on Thursday nights from 6:30-9:30pm and the coach is Lt Cindy Luk.

Guelph Shoot:

Team: WO Davis, Sgt Drew, Sgt Hernandez-Martineau, Cdt Spratley, and Cdt Birch for being picked to represent the 48th Highlanders at the Guelph Shoot. 


Alternates: Cdt Salvo and Cdt Liu.

This year the Guelph shoot will being taking place on Saturday, November 25, 2017. Cadets are to meet Lt Luk at Yorkdale for 7:00am Saturday morning. Please ensure that you have your permission form, health card, a water bottle, and some healthy snacks (no sugary stuff!) packed with you in order to compete. Cadets will be dismissed from MPA at 7:00pm roughly.

Capt George W. Elms Shoot:

~ coming soon ~

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