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All Cadets Must Have the Following FOUR items in order to Board Buses/Flights:

  1. Valid Health Card which will not expire during time at camp. If you have applied for a new one, the paperwork provided will be sufficient. 

  2. Signed Offer of Participation.

  3. 4 Forms found in Common Joining Instructions document (pgs 21, 23, 25, and 27)

  4. Immunization Record (for Measles)  

All cadets must be in Uniform Upon Arrival (there are no change rooms)

1.    Cadets are to arrive in SHORT ORDER DRESS C-2A  (no tunic or tie, so do not bring them)

  • No Highland Kit (unless you have received permission from CO)

  • No rank epaulettes (everyone is the same rank at camp)

2.    Bring your field training uniform (FTU) and boots.  All FTU and DEU parts of the uniform belong to the 48th Highlanders RCACC. If lost or stolen, please report it as soon as possible via email at Home Corps issued items do not replace lost/stolen items that belong to the Training Centre, all items must be brought home.


Joining Instructions


Cadet Training Centre (CTC) INFORMATION Including KIT LIST

Click on the links below for the CTC you are attending:








The joining instructions contain all the forms you may need to complete (Annexes).  Please note that every cadet must be in possession of their signed Offer, transportation form, immunization record as well as their health card to be allowed on the bus.

*Transportation Form MANDATORY - Must be handed in when boarding the bus to advise if your cadet will be returning on the bus or will be picked up at camp after graduation. (some bus escorts may ask you to hold onto it until you reach CTC)

*Personal Articles Log (optional) - to record personal items brought with Cadet such as an Ipod.  Remember the camp nor the Cadet Corps will be held responsible for items lost or stolen.

*Over the Counter Prescribed Medication (only if required) - Prescriptions MUST be in the original prescription bottle with the cadets name on it and only contain enough for the duration of the camp. 

*Leave Consent and Parental Direction (optional) - complete this form if someone other than a parent will be picking up the Cadet from camp including weekends for 3-week and 6-week Serials.

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